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Payment Service Provider

Reliable and secure payment processing is indispensable for any payment service provider. Scalability, resilience, persistence and speed are essential. The DINAPE platform combines all these aspects in one place in an included payment gateway solution. This offers you a proven, individually adaptable overall concept that continuously complies with the currently applicable safety standards. With DINAPE you create a smooth flow of your payment processes and offer your customers a trustworthy and efficient payment experience.

Status Quo

For some years now, the following scenario has been emerging at more and more financial service providers:

The existing IT landscape is not at the cutting edge of technology, which makes it considerably more difficult to meet the continuously increasing requirements and regulations for payment service providers.

Many separate stand-alone solutions with sometimes very complex systems and interfaces lead to redundancies and offer only limited scalability options. As a result, this has negative consequences for research, development and entrepreneurial progress.

Complicated test scenarios for new products and services

High digitization project costs & unpredictable maintenance costs

Difficult decision making in terms of infrastructure basis (cloud, hybrid or on-premise)

All-in-one gateway for worry-free payment experiences.

With DINAPE you have a transaction-focused outsourcing partner that can solve all your concerns – start immediately with a proven stable platform and implement your complex business logic exclusively. Step by step – changeable at any time.


Cloud-native Technology Stack & Development

Fintech Know-How

Expert knowledge in the Finance and experience with the technology stack

Agile development and staging opportunities

Always available and Up2Date

Fast feature and security rollout

One-Click Deployment

All-in-one platform

Robust, scalable, flexible, secure, run anywhere, low TX costs

Logging, tracing, real-time insights, persistence


Streamlined Business, Operations & RT Insights

Cost transparent

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