Terms of Use

For the purposes of these Terms of Use:

  • “DINAPE Website” shall mean all web pages accessible under the domain “dinape.com” as presented in the section ‘Usage of the Website‘ below.
  • Any reference to “You” or “Your” shall mean the visitor of the DINAPE Website.
  • Any reference to “DINAPE”, “We”, “Us” or “Our” shall mean DINAPE Solution GmbH.

Usage of the website

The purpose of the DINAPE Website is to provide You with information about DINAPE, which is a provider of various IT services including innovations and research projects.

By using the DINAPE Website, You accept the terms and conditions of use described below. Should You not accept these, You may not use the DINAPE Website.

Intellectual property and copyright

The content, graphics and photos presented on the DINAPE Website are protected by copyright. The intellectual property as well as all rights to these copyright protected works and databases are either owned by DINAPE or DINAPE has the right/license to use such intellectual property.

Their use, in whole or in part, particularly for the purpose of storage in databases, editing, duplication and any type of commercial use as well as the distribution to third parties is expressly prohibited without our prior written express permission. You are also not permitted to access any type of content on the DINAPE Website via scripts or by any other automated means.

Messages, comments and other communications you submit to us electronically may not contain any software viruses or spam (mass or chain mails). With the submission, you grant us a non-exclusive and gratuitous right to use your communications.

Amongst other things, we are allowed to use these communications for advertising purposes on the existing and future websites of DINAPE and their successors. In particular, we may edit and/or translate your communications and make them accessible to the general public.


Any references and links from the DINAPE Website to the websites of other companies are only provided by DINAPE for informational purposes. We have not verified all of these websites and have no influence whatsoever on the design or content of these linked sites. For this reason, we herewith explicitly assume no responsibility for any content of such linked sites should these contain any illegal or illicit content. Access to such websites via a link from the DINAPE Website takes place at your sole responsibility and risk.

Data protection

We process any personal data collected, processed and stored in relation to Your visit to the DINAPE Website according to the
Personal Data Policy
. Please see the Personal Data Policy for further details regarding the processing of personal data and Your rights connected to it.

Exclusion of warranty and liability

All information and services that are provided or performed outside of a contractual relationship by DINAPE through the DINAPE Website are provided without any warranty whatsoever. We, therefore, exclude any explicit or implicit warranties.

Furthermore, the liability for any direct, indirect or any other damages irrespective of their cause arising from the use or unavailability of data and information on the DINAPE Website is excluded.


DINAPE Website employs components provided by the network LinkedIn. LinkedIn is a service of LinkedIn Corporation, 1000 West Maude Avenue Sunnyvale, CA 94085 USA. Through these components, LinkedIn is informed exactly which page of DINAPE Website is being accessed. This allows LinkedIn to associate Your visit to Our site with Your LinkedIn account.

We have no control over the data that LinkedIn collects thereby, nor over the extent of the data that LinkedIn collects. Nor do We have any knowledge of the content of data transferred to LinkedIn. Details on data collection by LinkedIn as well as Your rights in this regard and Your browser setting options may be obtained from the LinkedIn data privacy policy, which may be accessed at: http://www.linkedin.com/legal/privacy-policy.

We use the regular Twitter buttons. Such plugins are run by Twitter Inc., 1355 Market Street, Suite 900, San Francisco, CA 94103 USA. They can be recognized by the terms “Twitter”, “Follow” or “Share”, combined with a stylized blue bird or a white bird on blue surface-button, or a grey bird + “Twitter”-button. Thanks to this button it is possible to share a post or a website of this offer at Twitter or to follow the user at Twitter.

If You open a website contained in DINAPE Website, the browser will establish a direct connection with the Twitter servers. The contents of the Twitter button will be directly transmitted by Twitter to the user’s browser. We thus do not have any influence on the amount of data collected by Twitter with such plugins and We herewith inform You in accordance with Our knowledge as follows: Only the user’s IP address and the respective website URL are transmitted when retrieving the button but will not be used for any other purpose than displaying the button.

Further information can be taken from Twitter’s data protection notice on http://twitter.com/privacy.