Your harmonized Plug & Play Platform

Independence and speed for future-proof systems with developer-centric technology stack.

State of the art development and architecture

DINAPE is a plug & play platform solution for companies planning to accelerate their revenue growth. Benefit from an innovative platform that enables you to develop your digital ideas in a timely manner, saving time and costs for research and development and getting to market as quickly as possible.

By leveraging cutting-edge development and architecture approaches with microservices, Kubernetes, and cloud-native development, you reap the benefits of an adaptive ecosystem. DINAPE is infrastructure agnostic and offers you a set of perfectly interacting, out-of-the-box and coordinated technologies.

Digital innovation at the highest level

We offer a multi-faceted base of open source technologies, which is and will be constantly aligned to ensure, as a whole, optimal operation of your software solution.

The broad portfolio of technologies can thus be used immediately by the development team as a best practice and leads to a fast and stable output of your software.

operating costs*
0 %
Transaction volume/sec.

*the efficiency of DINAPE can reduce your costs by up to 50%.

Tailor made for
Your high demands

Your use case has a high requirement profile? DINAPE delivers best results for the implementation of your complexities as well as the processing of daily business. In particular, we take into account:

  • High performance: The DINAPE platform handles 5000 transactions per second reliably, quickly and securely and can ideally handle peak performance and high volumes.
  • Robustness and resilience
  • Persistence
  • Scaling
  • Cost-effective
  • Speed and the ability to accelerate effortlessly

How does DINAPE work?

The DINAPE platform provides a sound plug-&-play basis that integrates your individual business logic easily and quickly.

Your Intellectual Property is hosted in its own repository and is exclusively available to you. The platform is continuously maintained, further developed and always coordinated. You can choose between an on-premise, cloud or hybrid deployment and let DINAPE take over the operation if you wish.

"The DINAPE Success Formula"

Your Business Logic

Benefit from DINAPE’s experience and our modern all-in-one technology package.

Revolutionize your IT by managing existing systems, data, APIs…. or start from scratch.
We design what you need.

Your solution

Gain valuable insights, eliminate inefficiencies caused by outdated systems, and focus on what’s really important –
Your business processes.

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