MVP Launcher

Implementing new ideas can often be a challenge. With the MVP Launcher, DINAPE offers a platform that allows you to immediately put your ideas into practice as a first draft (Minimal Viable Product) and continuously develop them further. You save the time for technical setup and can realize your idea directly on a state-of-the-art platform solution. Start directly in parallel operation to your existing systems and benefit from a structured transition to production operation.

Status Quo

Our experts observe that many companies are stuck in the following dilemma:

An outdated infrastructure that is unsuitable for modern development means that the existing IT is almost fully utilized. A large part of the resources goes into maintaining legacy systems, which makes it much more difficult to implement innovative ideas.

Testing of new products, services and features is usually done in inadequate test environments. Entrepreneurial innovation and progress are thus only possible very slowly. In addition:

Lack of speed in implementation

No possibility to go directly to the plant

Tied to licenses, IT infrastructure or system landscape

Non-transparent costs

Success within reach.

Start immediately with a harmonized, stable technology stack and implement business logic only. Cost transparent and scalable at any time.

On-premise, cloud or hybrid

State-of-the-art technology

Agile development and staging opportunities

Operations & Care

Live Performance Testing

One-Click Deployment

Success: Scale up, battle-proven

Logging, tracing, real-time insights, persistence

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