Cloud-native, it-resource challenge

Escape the Cloud Lock-in

Overcome rising costs and opaque pricing models and realize your ideas without being tied to a specific cloud provider! With DINAPE, we offer you flexibility, cost efficiency and optimal use of resources, regardless of whether you want to work on-premise, in the cloud or in hybrid mode. Unlike most cloud providers, who offer their add-ons exclusively for their own platform and thus strive for long-term customer loyalty, DINAPE as a platform-as-a-service enables you to provide your business logic in an infrastructure-independent and future-proof manner.

Status Quo

Our experts have observed that many companies are stuck in the following dilemma:

An outdated infrastructure that is unsuitable for modern development means that the existing IT is almost fully utilized. The majority of resources are used to maintain legacy systems, which makes it much more difficult to implement innovative ideas.

New products, services and features are usually tested in inadequate test environments. As a result, entrepreneurial innovation and progress are only possible very slowly. In addition:

Lack of freedom to choose between on-demand, hybrid or cloud-based infrastructure

Difficult conditions when testing ideas

Cloud-related production delays

Anywhere. Anytime. DINAPE.

DINAPE – allows you to run your cloud-native applications as a platform “anywhere”: public or private cloud. Can be used at any time in the hybrid model with any cloud provider or on your hardware. Take control yourself, calculate better and remain flexible and independent.

Flexibility & cloud independence

Public, private, hybrid

Expert knowledge and experience with the technology stack

Agile development and staging options

Cost transparency & auto-scaling

Fast feature and security rollout

One-Click Deployment

All-in-one platform

Robust, scalable, flexible, secure, run anywhere, low TX costs

Outsourcing to on-premise

Avoiding delays and delays

Individual knowledge available at any time

Data is with you & can be stationed anywhere at any time

Cost transparency

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