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From cost-intensive software construct to efficient payment gateway

How payment service provider DIMOCO Payments GmbH managed to increase its transaction performance by a factor of 20 while reducing OPEX costs by 50%.

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Short Facts

Payment services / international
Payment service provider

Old IT system was too costly and not scalable. Up to 80% of IT costs went into maintenance and operations.

Cost leadership, low maintenance, scalability

System requirements

Robustness / Resilience: Reliable, secure and fast performance in high-volume and time-critical transactional environments.

Dynamic scaling: Quickly and easily scale up and down while maintaining transaction quality and turnaround time

Persistence: Not a single transaction may be lost.

Tailormade payment gateway based on the DINAPE platform with cutting-edge technologies

Payment gateway

In recent years, the renowned FinTech DIMOCO Payments GmbH has perfected the complex processes that run in the background for a wide variety of payment methods in an unprecedented way thanks to DINAPE. And it does so for all commercially available payment types – from direct carrier billing to credit and debit card payments to wallet solutions.

This is made possible by a payment gateway, a special software landscape to which all parties involved in the shopping process are connected.

Dynamic scaling
The solution had to manage to scale up and down in the shortest possible time while guaranteeing consistent transaction quality. The processing time of a transaction should never exceed 1 second during peak periods.

Robustness / Resilience
The solution had to perform reliably, securely and quickly, especially in the high-volume and time-critical transaction area.

The system had to guarantee that not a single transaction would be lost.

Flower greetings from the South Seas

DINAPE, a technology that connects worldwide.

Imagine the following shopping scenario: You are on a long-awaited vacation, somewhere on an idyllic South Sea island. While you’re enjoying your cocktail at the pool bar, your smartphone reminds you that it’s your aunt’s birthday tomorrow. In the second you decide to buy a bouquet of flowers online via your smartphone and make sure that it is delivered to her the next morning. Credit card you do not have with you at the pool, so you pay simply and quickly – by cell phone bill.

Such shopping experiences are commonplace these days and are easy and convenient thanks to innovative payment methods such as direct carrier billing (paying by cell phone bill). However, many highly complex technical processes have to run in the background for it to function smoothly.

Prior to DINAPE, DIMOCO Payments used a system that had evolved over the years into a cumbersome and costly software construct. Almost every system upgrade involved downtime. Due to many new requirements and additions, 80% of IT resources had to be used to keep the system running. Another pain point: the system was not scalable and had reached its upper limit in transaction processing.

They wanted to change and improve this. DINAPE was commissioned to develop a modern, agile software and system solution.

“The maintenance and operating costs of the legacy system had reached a limit that we could no longer tolerate, at 80 percent of IT resources. Thanks to DINAPE, we were able to increase our transaction volume capacity by 20 times with half the effort and are well prepared for the future.”

Clemens Leitner

Managing Director, DIMOCO Payments

Today: 20-fold performance with 50 % less costs

Building on its state-of-the-art plug-and-play platform, DINAPE has developed a customized payment gateway to which a wide range of merchants, payment service providers and “third parties” such as mobile operators are connected worldwide. Thanks to DINAPE’s platform, this gateway is highly scalable and highly available. Despite their heterogeneity and diversity, all parties – from the florist to the payment service providers to the mobile network operator – are linked in such a way that payments can be made in seconds.

Since 2021, the solution has been impressing with impressive figures: With the same hardware, 50 percent of the operating costs could be saved and the performance increased by a factor of 20. The platform can scale indefinitely and handle peak loads with ease. New features and requirements can be implemented quickly and easily using the agile development approach. The system runs fail-safe with an availability of 99.98% and meets all requirements of a licensed financial service provider.

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