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In e-commerce, a wide range of payment methods, rising IT costs and constantly changing regulations are present issues for providers. DINAPE offers you a comprehensive solution that allows you to focus on your core business. Easily activate new payment methods while benefiting from transparent IT costs. Our powerful rules engine ensures that you are always compliant with regulatory requirements and can drive your business smoothly. This allows you to focus on growth and success while we take care of your payment processing.

Status Quo

Numerous e-commerce providers are faced with the following challenge:

They operate with outdated IT systems that severely limit the use of modern technological applications such as containers, Kubernetes or dynamic orchestration.

These outdated systems not only hinder functional innovation and timely service enhancements, but also block a large portion of resources. As a result, many e-commerce providers are lagging behind the competition and technological advances instead of successfully driving their business forward.

Resource and cost limitations in research and development

Challenges in testing new products, services and features

High costs for digitization and preservation

Difficult decision making in terms of infrastructure basis (cloud, hybrid or on-premise)

E-commerce on the pulse of time.

Live with DINAPE – start immediately with a harmonized, stable technology stack and implement exclusively the business logic. Cost transparent and scalable at any time.


Cloud-native Technology Stack & Development

Fintech Know-How

Expert knowledge in the Finance and experience with the technology stack

Agile development and staging opportunities


Fast feature and security rollout

One-Click Deployment

All-in-one platform

Robust, scalable, flexible, secure, run anywhere, low TX costs

Logging, tracing, real-time insights, persistence


Streamlined Business, Operations & RT Insights

Cost transparent

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