The Game Changer for your future

An innovative plug & play platform for implementing modern operating concepts.

Turn your digital ideas into reality

The platform contains all the necessary tools out-of-the-box to enable and support fast and smooth modern software development. It is built on a modern, cloud-native architecture based on Kubernetes and offers you a comprehensive set of out-of-the-box open source technologies that interact perfectly with each other.

The selected technologies have been specifically designed and tested for high scalability, robustness and support of all common underlying infrastructures.

DINAPE keeps the platform up to date, works collaboratively with your IT, and takes over operations at your request.


good reasons.

Robust and future-proof

Outstanding market maturity: "Battle-proven" in the demanding transaction area

DINAPE is more than a platform at the highest level – it is above all a secure investment in the future. This is because, on the one hand, the technology has been intensively tested as part of extensive research and development work in the highly critical payment and telecommunications sector, and on the other hand, it is being continuously optimized. With years of live operation at leading global players, DINAPE offers an unparalleled level of maturity in robustness, persistence and security.

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