DIMOCO Messaging

Every second counts: DIMOCO Messaging brings performance with DINAPE
time-critical transactions to the next level.

How DINAPE enabled DIMOCO Messaging to further extend its leadership in time-critical on-demand SMS and seamlessly migrate from a standardized white label solution to a customized platform solution in just 6 months.

From development
to live operation
0 Days
Transactions per year
2 bn
System failures

Short Facts

Provider of mobile payment and messaging services, especially in the time- and volume-critical area (e.g., authentication, TAN SMS, bulk SMS).

Limited adaptability of the original white label system solution, little flexibility in implementing customer requirements

Cost leadership, low maintenance, scalability

Messaging solution with:

  • maximum flexibility and adaptability in terms of customer requirements and new features (e.g. operator lookup)
  • short Time-To-Market
  • Maximum security: migration to the new system without risk of downtime and failure
  • reliable and fast performance for time-critical transactions and high volumes
  • parallel test operation in the run-up to live switching (live performance testing)
  • Fast scalability in all directions

Tailormade messaging solution with operator lookup

Every Second Counts

When the patience of the user is limited...

Please take a deep breath. Optionally, you can also snap your fingers four times or sneeze heartily once. Why all this? Quite simply, the time taken by one of these things is about 1 second. This is pretty much exactly the amount of time we as users are willing to wait for our TAN SMS for an e-banking transfer. Anything that takes longer stretches our patience beyond measure and increases the likelihood that we will abandon the transaction prematurely.

The world’s leading provider of mobile messaging services – DIMOCO Messaging – has massively improved its on-demand transaction performance in just 6 months thanks to a highly flexible platform solution from DINAPE. Today, up to 2 billion transactions run faster than ever through DIMOCO’s messaging gateway each year, especially those with high time and volume criticality.

Step by step and structured: A system migration as it should be

Whether it’s an e-banking transfer using a TAN code, 2-factor authentication, or a reminder SMS for your leasing installment – wherever processes have to happen in a second or large volumes of data have to be processed in the shortest possible time, DIMOCO Messaging AG is in its element.

The first feature developed was the Operator Lookup. This made it possible to find out the mobile phone provider of the various end customers in order to avoid incorrect deliveries as well as additional costs.

Live Performance Testing: DINAPE Enables parallel test operation

In order to largely avoid an overly abrupt system changeover and the associated risks, the new feature was initially tested in parallel operation. Gradually, more and more applications were added and after only 6 months, the new platform went live. By migrating step by step via a so-called “Minimal Viable Product”, DIMOCO Messaging AG was able to successfully migrate its systems and make itself fit for the future:

“Step-by-step migration via an MVP is a low-risk and cost-effective solution for companies to evolve technologically. With DINAPE, this is exactly what is possible,” explain Hedwig Höller and Andreas Schöberl, Managing Directors of DINAPE.

Short time to market Without default risk

When changing systems, starting with a small parallel operation in advance has the advantage that the old system landscape is not switched off overnight, but successively changed over to the new system. In this way, new applications and business areas can first be tried out and tested on the market. If they prove themselves on a small scale, they can be

with DINAPE on a large scale and scale in all directions. Companies thus benefit from an extremely efficient time-to-market and the certainty that the new system will function 100 percent in live operation.

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