Our Values

Unleashing and consistently realizing potential with trust in people & technology

Since its beginnings in the early 2000s, the DIMOCO Group has made a name for itself as a pioneer in its industry with the courage to innovate technologically. This spirit permeates the entire corporate culture to this day and can be felt in every:mployee:in the DIMOCO Group. This is also the case with the latest spin-off, DINAPE Solutions GmbH.

Trust in man and technology

Everything we do is based on a deep trust in people and technology. An open environment – characterized by fairness and cooperation at eye level – forms the creative breeding ground for genuine technological innovation at the highest level.


Driven by curiosity and inquisitiveness, we develop highly professional solutions and unleash new potential with expertise and the courage to innovate technologically.


With outstanding implementation skills, we purposefully put our creative solutions on track so that they can work in the customer’s best interests. In doing so, we persistently face every challenge – until the goal is reached and our task is fulfilled.